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What Is Hudson Job Search?

Hudson Job Search is a non-denominational Christian-based organization that provides outplacement services to the Hudson community at no charge. We assist those newly unemployed Hudsonites, who may not have outplacement access, the ability to meet regularly with a volunteer advisor. The goal is to help the unemployed develop the skills necessary to re-enter the job market.

Since our formation in 1980, Hudson Job Search has assisted more than 2,700 Hudsonites in finding work.

Next General Meeting

Monday, March 6, 2017 - 7:15pm
Presented By:
Donald Wayne McLeod

Donald Wayne McLeod


Donald Wayne McLeod says “How you are perceived is your reality.” We will never see ourselves as others see us; however, Perceptionology allows us to HEAR how others perceive us. Since everyone we come in contact with perceives us on a multitude of levels it is imperative to HEAR how we are being perceived on those levels.

How we stand, walk, talk, shake hands, say hello and say goodbye are all being evaluated as is our energy, our sincerity, out eye contact, our listening skills and our manners. Come find out how all this can help you in your job search.

Donald Wayne McLeod has helped over 2,000 displaced Ohio workers. He has been teaching 21st Century Theme Skills for the past 9 years. He has an inherent ability to connect with others on a personal level and can teach you to do the same. In addition to his individual and corporate clients, Donald Wayne has served as a facilitator for such nonprofit organizations as SCORE, Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland, Counsel of Small Enterprises, Future Emerging Leaders of Lake County, Toastmasters and Lake Works to name a few.